What we do

SoccerWorld develops and operates purpose built, state of the art small-sided football facilities, using FIFA approved suppliers of the best artificial grass surfaces. These are the same surfaces used by the likes of FC Barcelona and Manchester United. They provide excellent levels of player comfort and an experience that most closely reflects that of playing on natural grass. The latest technology floodlighting and our own proprietary fencing and netting system complete a fantastic small-sided football product.

The facilities are, however, only half of the picture. Our guiding principle is to have 'passion in everything that we do' and we develop our products and services, operate our facilities and recruit and train our teams with this in mind. From exciting leagues and tournaments with expert referees or large corporate events with hundreds of employees to casual games between friends, we try make the SoccerWorld experience one to remember.

We are working in partnership with a number of world class brands that support our operations and add life and vibrancy to our centres. These include Nike, Adidas, BMW and Nestle.

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